Monthly Archives: January 2012

Hines | Wauseon Family Photographer

I know I’ve been M.I.A for a few days but I’m back and I have thee cutest little girl ever! Her family is pretty darn cute too! 

Layke | Wauseon Baby Photographer

Meet Miss Layke! She’s such a sweet heart and her favorite thing is being scared! She laughs and laughs! I even did a little video on my camera of her cracking up! She just warms my heart & defiantly flares up the baby fever! 

Tules | Wauseon Family Photographers

Gosh, Can’t describe how much I love these guys! Hayley and Nick use to be my youth leaders when I was in jr high! yes, like 12 years old! They’re a big part of my life and I always love doing photos for them, we always have a blast! I still cannot believe Big Ben is 5 years old and Ella Bella Cinderella is 3! My how has time flown by! 

Nati | Wauseon Children Photographer

Nati, Nati, Nati.. you’re just too cute girl! I’ve been doing Natalia’s photos since she was two! Now she’s a big four year old! Some of these photos make her look so so old! 

Laney | Wauseon Baby Photographer

Now she’s a little sweet heart! Such a happy happy girl! She did so great and then got a bit fussy so mom fed her and she instantly passed out! So I got to pose her, which is probably the most fun! I love how big they are in the poses! We tried to get lucky and do some nakie ones but she woke up straight away! But I had a blast with her and her mommy! 

Lilly | Wauseon Children Photographer

I cannot believe little Miss Lilly is 2 already!! She’s such a sweet girl and she’s was just a giggly mess the whole shoot! I just love her! 

Jaid | Wauseon Children Photographer

Meet Jaid! She’s a spunky 4 year old! She’s got quite the attitude and I really loved that it came through in some of the more diva photos! I had a blast with her and I can’t wait to have another session in the future!

Amy + Evan | Archbold Engagement Photographer

I love when I have a chance to do photos of people that I went to high school with! Evan and I were in alot of the same classes at Gorham Fayette! Amy also went to Fayette but she was a couple years ahead.. & let me say that it’s about time that these two got engaged! They’ve been together since our Sophomore year of high school!

LeeAnn + Jacob | Archbold Engagement Photographer

So we finally got some snow to work with! Leeann called me the day before to schedule photos since we finally got some snow! I was all for it because I was excited to get out in it too! 


Just entered a Wedding Photo Contest! If you could take 2 minutes out of your day and vote for me that would be awesome!!