This past year has been the craziest year of my life! I’ve loved and lost & loved again & moved & moved & MOVED. Safe to say that keeping up with Montography has been a struggle & it’s hard to shoot happy families when you’re not happy yourself.. Very very glad to say that I’m on the up and up! I love my family and friends so so much and incredibly thankful for everyone in my life! I’ve had my fair share of apologies and of thank yous & a really big THANK YOU to you, my wonderful clients! The ones who have stuck by my side through this tough time, big big thank you to you. You’re great and I’m so so grateful to you! Just wanted to put up a recap of some of my fav photos from the past couple months! ENJOOOOOOY! IMG_3250(2) IMG_3632 IMG_3673(2)IMG_6270(2)IMG_8391IMG_4548IMG_8561 IMG_8758IMG_2810IMG_7250IMG_6703(2) IMG_7666 IMG_7890IMG_5632 IMG_5925 IMG_0543 IMG_0783 IMG_2334 IMG_2588IMG_8131 IMG_9795IMG_6416

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