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M O N T O G R A P H Y . S T U D I O | Recap

Just a few faves from the past couple weeks! <3IMG_4302 IMG_8111 IMG_8463 IMG_3984(2) IMG_3883 IMG_3825 IMG_8832 IMG_8766 IMG_8674 IMG_4566 IMG_4447


J A M I E . S E E L | OHIO FASHION DESIGNER, check this chick out! she’s doing big things and so young!! Honored to do this session!IMG_4503 IMG_4461(2) IMG_4380 IMG_4401 IMG_4281 IMG_4263 IMG_4246 IMG_4204 IMG_4192 IMG_4136 IMG_4058 IMG_4007 IMG_3938 IMG_3903 IMG_3884 IMG_3824 IMG_3761 IMG_3737 IMG_3721 IMG_3644 IMG_3628


Sara + John | Adrian Wedding Photographer

I had the absolute pleasure of shooting this gorgeous wedding! I loved their love for each other and you can just see in in these photos!

IMG_0874 IMG_1057 IMG_1173 IMG_1815 IMG_1827(2) IMG_1893 IMG_1919 IMG_1967 IMG_2075 IMG_2091 IMG_2434 IMG_2450 IMG_2512 IMG_2785(2) IMG_2862