Hart Adventures | Paris

This trip was an absolute dream. I’m really having a hard time even coming up with how to start, you’ve seen the post below so you already know that I had an amazing time shooting Coty & Erica’s day.. now I want to share some of Ryan & my adventures.

We only had three days in the city, and we really didn’t waste anytime getting into it. We flew out on Saturday from Indianapolis (to Chicago -> Dublin -> Paris) and didn’t arrive into the city until Sunday morning, so we had Sunday, Monday, Tuesday to explore as much as we could, along with rehearsal dinner Monday night and the wedding Tuesday! I’d still say we got our fill.

I would love to caption all of these shots, but I won’t.. but I will stop back in to talk about the engagement, in front of the Eiffel Tower, at midnight, with a rock. (My man did gooooooooood)

Drool over the food, take in the sights.

Saturday – Traveling, all day & all night.

Sunday – Arrived into Paris around 10a, met up with Coty & Erica at their flat, hung out on their terrace, ate some french fry filled gyros, & then made the hike to our flat, this was the first time we took the metro in Paris, and thats how we traveled the entire trip.. it was the best decision, saved so much money that way & only took the wrong train once!

6O7A36046O7A3599IMG_2373IMG_2379also Sunday – Got settled into our flat, we were pretty excited that you could see the Eiffel Tower from our place & that it was only about a five minute walk.. The tower was indescribable, it was way bigger than I thought it would be! Planned a fancy dinner for that night but after a two hour nap decided to just keep it casual and go grab dinner ( & tried macarons for the first time!! ) and wonder the streets of Paris, this took us into the night.




We decided to go see the sights at night, everything is all lit up in Paris, all hours, and to be honest it was almost better.. there were very minimal tourists & the contrast of the lights was amazing to see!


We could see the Eiffel Tower in the distance, we didn’t realize how distant but we knew how to get back to our place from there so we decided to walk to it.. at this point it was 10:30p and I had mentioned to Ryan that at the top of every hour they do this light show for five minutes, we made it to the tower at 11:45! Ryan picked a spot at the top of the Trocodero to see the show the best, “Let’s sit over here in the grass” so we sit, and then he says “Well maybe lets stand up” haha! (okay?) so then the light show happens at midnight and he just looks at me and says “I love you so much, and I love you more and more everyday, will you give me the chance to do that for the rest of my life?” and gets down on one knee!! Of course, I say yes.. both of us are crying at this point. It was absolute magic, you could feel the electric love in the air.. so naturally we go get nutella crapes (yum) and finally get to bed at around 2 am!


Monday (finally) – We might’ve slept in a bit this morning because of jet lag, but we got going around 11a and made it to Luxemburg Gardens for lunch and exploration.. it was absolutely gorgeous here! We wondered around, just seeing everything we possibly could.. (and more macarons) also stopped off at Sainte Chapelle, which was breathtaking, that night was also the rehearsal dinner/get together.












Tuesday – We were up at 5:30 in the morning for some engagement photos of us in front of the Eiffel Tower, and it was a ghost town.. which is exactly what I wanted! I just set the self timer and had to run to Ryan and pose for all of these shots! <3 they turned out better than I could’ve ever dreamed! (( had traditional French breakfast after, and the butter here in France is to die for ))





Tuesday – CATACOMBS. This freaked me out, but it was amazing.. the door way to go in said “Stop, this is the empire of death” in french. It was heavy down there, and I wouldn’t suggest it to anyone who is slightly claustrophobic.



Tuesday – the wedding, AHHHHHHH. It was perfect, see post below for more shots of the gorgeous bride and groom, here are our selfies.



<3 <3 It was an amazing trip, obviously. Hope you enjoyed the post! Au Revoir!



3 thoughts on “Hart Adventures | Paris

  1. Staci Clausen says:

    Such an amazing memory! Congratulations to the two of you!! Gorgeous pictures of course!!

  2. Tawni Shaffer says:

    These are absolutely beautiful photos, you are so talented. Congratulations!!

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