Williams | Pregnancy Reveal

I’m not even sure where to begin, this family holds a very special spot in my heart. I had someone introduce me to this family after they had Chava, wanting a newborn photographer, and I believe I’m the one who gained more from their session. After Chava’s 4-5 hour newbie session, I loved them, so when that first year was over I was sad and wouldn’t be seeing them every three months anymore. Without going into too much detail, Angie & Rob had some pregnancy troubles and having Chava was a down right miracle, so best believe when she contacted me a bit ago that she was SURPRISE preggers again, I was so happy!! This family deserves the world, so glad they get to bring another precious baby into the mix, and I get to see them again on the regular! I also had the absolute pleasure of doing the shoot knowing that they were going to tell Chava that she was going to be a big sister during.. It was an honor. Much love to this family! & I’m obsessing over this theme.. it was perfect!






One thought on “Williams | Pregnancy Reveal

  1. Congrats family!! These pics are so beautiful!!

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