Bethany & Justin | Pregnancy Announcement <3

I’ll keep my words short, I have an amazing passage that Bethany wrote to go along with this session.. I am beyond excited and honored to be the one to announce their long prayed for pregnancy, I have the best job. I love this girl, cannot wait to be along for this journey with her and Justin.. So much congrats to this new little family!

Now, onto Bethany..

“Pray to God and He will give you what you need…. It’s something we have heard over and over growing up. But how can God give you something so wonderful and then take it away? From the loss of grandparents to the loss of a sister or a friend. How could God be so giving when such sad and hurtful things occur?

So you continue to pray……the same prayer. “Lord give us a child, bring us some sort of Joy to our lives, because we are hurting”

And then just like that, prayers are answered. In seeing the first little flicker of a heartbeat on a ultra sound. Ahh, there it is, God you answered our prayers. But then the heartbeat disappears. And you fall back into….loss, sadness, unsure if you are praying the right prayer. So then you try again….you pray……and try again, and there it is again, a faint flicker that quickly disappears. How can you keep going on like this? How can you keep praying the same prayer?

Then there comes a bible verse that continues to show up ….

” The pain that you’ve been feeling, can’t compare to the joy that is coming. ” *Romans 8:18

We pray. But our prayer changes directions. No longer are we praying for a child, we pray for patience and comfort in knowing that in His timing He will provide Joy!

And then there it is. A strong healthy heartbeat. We are pregnant. And we pray that God continues to grow a healthy strong baby.

Woah. He truly does give you what you long for. In His timing. He does provide Joy!

Our bundle of Joy is being created by a God who truly makes all things beautiful, in His timing. And this Joy is making an arrival into this world February 2017

How wonderful that our prayers were answered and that we received Joy. But yet, there are so many who haven’t had answered prayers, who haven’t found Joy. Who struggle daily to receive what their hearts truly long for. Who long for Joy. And our new prayer is towards all of those that are longing for children. God will provide Joy in His timing and we pray that those struggling find comfort in knowing there is so many rooting and praying for Joy. For some it may be adoption, Or foster care. And for others it may be other forms of fertility. Or it may be finding Joy in completely other forms! We pray you find your Joy no matter what it is.

Our faith is growing stronger than ever during these trials. He is preparing us to be strong parents to our little bundle of joy. And He is preparing many of you! Because all you gotta do is believe and pray and He will bring Joy!”








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