the Harts ♥

I cannot believe this day has come and gone almost a month ago.. I am so unbelievably proud & honored to be Ryan’s wife. When we met a little over a year ago I was so enamored by him, you could say obsessed. I knew that day that I would marry this man.. he’s completely blown me away with his compassion, honesty, vulnerability, drive ( ect ect.. ) I still just look at him and think how lucky I am to have him in my life. I hope you enjoy these images & honesty, hope it inspires women out there to not settle.. I have settled too often, but when I met Ryan, he was beyond everything I’ve ever wanted in a man ( yes, a man.. not a boy) I’m so lucky that I get to grow with him, and walk beside him through this crazy life. I’m blessed not only with him, but his family, my family, our dogs & our incredible friends! Thank you to all who came out on our typhoon of a wedding and celebrated alongside us! So much love, Montana Hart. ( <– best last name ever )151a9487














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