Taylor | Toledo Birth Story

What a wild birth, with  moving to Fort Wayne, it has been hard to determine what time to head over to start photographing the birth.. Last birth I left when the momma was at 5cm and ended up waiting about 8 hours for the baby to actually make her arrival.. so I told Danni to let me know when she was at 7cm and I’d head over then! Weeeeell, she progressed way faster, all births are totally different, and I walked into her room and they checked her and she was at 10 cm, ready to push! I was there from 4:50 – 5:28 and she was already born. I recall saying “I cannot believe she’s already here” numerous times! It was wild! I ended up sticking around for family to arrive (which I usually don’t get the chance to do) I loved it, love shooting births, so real! Hope you love these!img_4206img_38202img_38542




One thought on “Taylor | Toledo Birth Story

  1. Brenda Shoemaker says:

    Amazing photos Montana, wish this was around when I had my children❤

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