Tori + Andy | Estes Park Elopement

Cannot really even describe these two, obviously all I would say is good things. From day one they’ve been down with any and all ideas I’ve had, and same with any ideas they had. We already have a camping, Beetlejuice, partial Game of Thrones session in the books so when they asked about doing a secret little wedding in Colorado, how could I say no? When I say I have nothing but good things to say about these two would be an absolute understatement, in the eight years of doing photography, they’d have to be a couple of my favorites.. and not just for their creepy vibes, but for the sheer fact that they are so real with each other. They have something that I really don’t see very often, and that’s real, true love. I have no doubt in my mind that these two are meant for each other & they really do inspire me. I am so honored to have done this wedding for these two, and so happy to be a part of their lives for many years and weird sessions to come, so thank you Tori & Andy, for choosing me to capture your most special day.. and also choosing to be my friends <3














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