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A Celebration of Harry Potter 2018 | You’re Just as Sane as I am

Most of my life I’ve been a Harry Potter fan, since the fourth grade to be exact, but after this past weeks Celebration of Harry Potter I think I’ve unlocked a new level of obsession. My sis – in – law, Rachel & I went to the park last year for just one day but this year we went for four straight days, two of which being the Celebration day. I really hope to make this a tradition and start going yearly! I had the best time, ever! The first day I brought my Canon 5D Mark IV, which I’ve never really done, so that was what most of this blog consists of! Back to the Celebration, so for the first day we wore our robes for our houses (Gryffindor & Ravenclaw) and the second day I wore a Luna Lovegood cosplay (which was suuuuuuch an amazing experience) The first day we got to the park incredibly early (7:30a) to get a good spot in line for the 9am opening and there was already a pretty extensive line up! They ended up letting us get in early (8:15) and we sped right to the Expo line, which I’m glad we did because most of the day and the next there was a 120 minute wait to get into the building! The Expo was super cool, featuring some of the costumes and props from the actual movies!! Also Pottermore, Audible, Minalima, Cursed Child.. and many more were highlighted! After the expo we really just people watched, there were many people in cosplay so that just added to the magic & it was also fun to see people walking in to Diagon Alley for the first time (the happiness was contagious) That evening we attended the Opening Ceremony for the Celebration and were able to see the actors from the movie up on stage (Fred, George, Ginny, Tonks & Vicktor Krum) which (not going to lie) made the waterworks come, I loved seeing the cast! The next day I finally got to wear my Luna cosplay and got a ton of positive feedback, I’ve never done a cosplay before so I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was so fun that so many people wanted to get a photo with me or of me! I also was featured in the Universal Studios video for the Celebration in my cosplay, which was a crazy honor!! I’m still freaking out about it! I hope you like the photos (didn’t take many with my camera for the celebration day, but I did get a couple shots of my favorite cosplays) <3 <3 Hope to see you all next year!5V0A61435V0A61455V0A61765V0A56075V0A5612