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Gavin | Delta Children Photographer

Still hands down my favorite newborn session! He’s 6 now, so crazy! IMG_0314

IMG_0361IMG_0405IMG_0424IMG_0432IMG_0435IMG_0455IMG_0468MOOD ^ IMG_0478

Robinson | Summer Mini Session

I’m a broken record with my blog posts but truly I love all the family’s I do photos for, my Montography family means the world to me.. without you, there’s no me. <33 Another fun water balloon session! IMG_8773



Williams | Pregnancy Reveal

I’m not even sure where to begin, this family holds a very special spot in my heart. I had someone introduce me to this family after they had Chava, wanting a newborn photographer, and I believe I’m the one who gained more from their session. After Chava’s 4-5 hour newbie session, I loved them, so when that first year was over I was sad and wouldn’t be seeing them every three months anymore. Without going into too much detail, Angie & Rob had some pregnancy troubles and having Chava was a down right miracle, so best believe when she contacted me a bit ago that she was SURPRISE preggers again, I was so happy!! This family deserves the world, so glad they get to bring another precious baby into the mix, and I get to see them again on the regular! I also had the absolute pleasure of doing the shoot knowing that they were going to tell Chava that she was going to be a big sister during.. It was an honor. Much love to this family! & I’m obsessing over this theme.. it was perfect!






Shorts | Summer Mini Session

I love love love the water balloon fight sessions, they’re so fun to sort through, I wish the balloons popped better but we made the most of it!



JoJo | Delta Children Photographer

Two year old are crazy, and Jojo didn’t disappoint! He was a wildchild, but so fun and we got some great stuff from his session! IMG_6917



Lane | Delta Children Photographer

Cannot believe this little guy is one already! He’s one of the happiest babies ever! <3




Smiths | Summer Mini Session

This was my first water balloon fight mini session, the balloons were those ones that you hook up to a hose and it fills like 40 balloons at once, that aspect is super nice, but they were super hard to pop, which is why there aren’t a ton of action shots! Still had a blast though!



Bernaths | Defiance Family Photographer

Such a great family, they’ve been clients since the beginning of the studio, I believe I did Khloe’s one year session ( curly little blonde sweetie ) <3333333 IMG_5831IMG_5867


Dawn | Mommy & Me Mini

I love this tea party! Alice in Wonderland was my absolute favorite growing up, so this was so sweet <3IMG_2449IMG_2463



Amy | Toledo Children Photographer

Had the absolute pleasure to chase around these two beauties the other day, love!