IMG_7782“Bun in the Oven” Package


15 poses
Studio only or one location
One wardrobe changes
$50 print credit

“Dr. Montana is in the Building” Package

25 poses
Travel to the hospital to photograph newborn
(Schedule permitting!)
$50 print credit






“Miracle Grow” Package
Newborn portraits – 15 poses
Birth announcements (20 included)
3mo. portraits – 15 poses
6mo. portraits – 15 poses
9mo. portraits – 15 poses
1 year portraits – 15 poses
8×8 photo book of recap of the year

$50 print credit
(included with each session)










(ages 1 ½ – 14)

“Quit Pinching My Cheek” Package


20 poses
Three wardrobe changes
2 locations
$35 print credit

“Awe Mom Do I Have To” package


12 poses
One wardrobe change
one location
$25 print credit





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